Master Chow Wing Tak

Yuen Ling was originally born in Fatson, Gwang Dung province China. He learned “old style” Hung Ga, Which is a branch of the art from Hung Hei Guen, but not through Wong Fei Hung. He learned this system from Sifu Luk Fung Seh.

At the age of 18, Chow Wing Tak’s life changed. He visited Grandmaster Tang Fong’s clinic with his friend as his friend was hurt. Because of the geniality (Grandmaster Tang was also came from Sam Shui Village) and Grandmaster Tang was a disciple of Grandmaster Wong Fei Hung, Master Chow Wing Tak started learning Hung Gar under Grandmaster Tang Fong.

Grandmaster Tang Fong taught both Hung Gar martial arts and lion dancing technique in Hong Kong. Besides Master Chow Wing Tak, Ho Lap Tin, Yuen Ling, Wong Cho and Lau Kai Tung were also outstanding students of Grandmaster Tang. They inherited Grandmaster Tang’s techniques and started spread Tang Fong style Hung Gar martial arts over the world after Grandmaster Tang passed away.

In 1964, Master Chow Wing Tak established the Chow Wing Tak Hung Gar Martial Art Association to spread Tang Fong style Hung Gar martial arts. In 1968, he established Chow Wing Tak Sport Association and the Wing Tak Tong Firework Art Association. During that time Master Show taught a lot of outstanding students and some of them opened martial art schools in Barcelona, Spain. This brought the Tang Fong style Hung Gar Martial arts to Europe. Master Chow resigned from his work in 1989.

In 2004, some of the students of Master Chow, Leung Sai Hung, Andy Leung Kwok Fung, We Tze Fung, Ng Ping Hung and Pang Chi Ming formed the Chow Wing Tak Alumni Association to setup a platform for communication among all of Masters Chow’s disciple and other disciple of Grandmaster Tang Fong. The alumni association had arranged a birthday ceremony for Grandmaster Tang Fong in 2005.